Everyone loves to eat and if you’re like me, you are always looking for new and exciting recipes to try and of course they must be extremely tasty. I have discovered many new foods that I have just fallen in love with since I married a wonderful man from Sweden several years ago. He also enjoys cooking and makes many of his favorite Swedish dishes which initially was out of necessity because I was not familiar with the foods he liked much less how to cook them. His specialties are Swedish waffles, pancakes, desserts and smorgastårta (sandwich cake). So don’ t be surprised if you see a man’s hand in the pictures once in awhile… he also takes many of the pictures for this blog.

Each summer we travel to  Sweden to visit family and friends and I always look forward to the wonderful food and food products that are available there. This blog contains traditional Swedish recipes that I think will be of particular interest to you and American old family favorites that I grew up with and have always made for my family. Each posted recipe will be designated with a flag so you will know at a glance from where it originates.





We will be taking more pictures of the food we eat and anything food related on this years trip to Sweden. I will post the pictures and share the recipes (when available) right here on my blog starting the end of July.
Take a look at the food related pictures from our past trips to Sweden
Swedish Food is my Passion! 

My husband Tobbe and I own and operate 2 e-commerce websites from our home with a third business coming later this year that we are extremely excited about. We have 2 dogs – Molly a female Belgian Tervuren and Rosco a very large male Collie. My 2 sons are grown and the family is getting larger by the day with 2 new great-grandchildren born this past year.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the recipes – try something new!